Validating the Login Request Using Postman

In a previous post, I showed how to setup the in Postman environment and configured authentication, let us check out how the access token is stored in the variable for future use in accessing the VMware Cloud APIs.  We will validate the Access token returned is stored as a variable for future use. 

a.  Click Send

b.  Note the JSON Response Body

     i.  The “expires_in” key is 1799, or 30 minutes minus 1 second.  This is how long the access token will be valid for.  After 30 minutes, another access token will have to be generated.

     ii.  Note the “access_token“, or at least the first couple characters (in this case eyJhbGciOi…)

Execute Login Request

c.  Click back to the environment, and note that the access_token variable is now set to the access_token returned in the JSON body (again, eyJhbGciOi…). This will be the token we send in future request headers.

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